Regional Director, South


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Job Description:

Sidewalk’s Regional Director team’s primary focus is to share Sidewalk’s mission to “Change the Way Content Works in Higher Education, Forever” with colleges and universities nationwide. The Regional Director, South position will be primarily focused on working with institutions in the South, but will also be charged with representing Sidewalk’s culture and mission at nationwide conferences and events throughout the year. You will find success acting as a “mini Founder or CEO” of Sidewalk’s South territory, and the right candidate will exhibit immediate leadership qualities and a desire to grow this role into a management capacity as Sidewalk’s footprint continues to skyrocket. The Regional Director, South must possess the ability to marry big picture strategy, attention to detail, and agility, and an ability to apply all three in the right situations to push toward achieving our mission. The right candidate will also have the passion to learn about the Higher Ed industry from all directions, to dig past the superficial, short term solutions that currently abound, and to drive true growth in innovation with insight into systemic problems and challenges that pervade across the nation. You will embody Sidewalk’s values of Optimism, Creativity, and Perseverance, and will exhibit Innovation, Clear Communication, Curiosity, Passion, and Honesty in your work alongside internal team members to grow Sidewalk’s footprint in market influence and product placement. You will spend a lot of time getting to know your current and future clients, learning about their business needs and challenges, and helping guide them to a more innovative and student-success focused communication and business model with Sidewalk’s technology.


Key Responsibilities:

  • Identify target market, key industry decision makers, and create a lead pipeline to develop new client partnerships. Convert schools, stores, and administrators to the Sidewalk mentality of innovation to ensure student success and Sidewalk’s mission to “Change the Way Content Works in Higher Education, Forever.”
  • Keep up to date with industry news, evolving Higher Education landscape, and institution-specific structures, seasonal needs, and decision-making processes to solidify Sidewalk’s role as a Thought Leader in the industry, and to champion and challenge client requests.
  • Strategic travel throughout the South during the major sales seasons, with national travel 3-4 times annually to National Sales Meetings and National Tradeshows.
  • Communicate regularly and clearly with internal product, Customer Success, and support teams to translate client needs and industry trends, and to help evaluate product requests in terms of macro-level goals and roadmap for product evolution.
  • Work closely with Customer Success Team to translate pertinent client information during conversion process, and ensure a smooth handover process from start to finish of product implementation, while preserving client relationship from multiple angles.
  • Get involved and integrate yourself in the industry in valuable ways. Sit on boards and participate productively in regional and national associations. Find a way to take the stage as a thought leader and establish and grow Sidewalk’s presence and vision.
  • Make decisions as if you were spending your own money, promoting your own brand, and representing your own vision. The autonomy you are given only grows with continued success, and the benefits gained are only as limited as you allow.

Position Requirements:

  • Must live within the Southern Territory with easy access to a major airport.
  • Embody 3 main skills every day: Clear Communication, Problem Solving, Leadership.
  • Recognize the magnitude of what we’re doing. Sidewalk’s work will change the future of Education – you need to have passion for our WHY and recognize the worldwide implications.
  • Be data driven. Identify ways to represent the impact of your actions so success can be shared, replicated, and scaled.
  • Be scrappy. We prioritize results over “office face time”. Recognize that creating the most value with the least resources and energy possible requires transparency and a constant focus on efficiency. This includes making efficient scheduling decisions about visiting clients throughout the territory to make good use of time and resources.
  • Knowing your Meyers/Briggs personality profile a plus! We appreciate diversity of thought and often engage in conversations about the different ways people think and work. Take personality quiz here.

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