3 Ways To Crush This Rush

If book Rush makes your toenails curl, we get it. It’s busy, you’re busy, you’re eating way more fast food than you promised yourself in January, and if anything at all goes wrong, then someone angry is going to yell at you.

That’s fine. Inhale deeply, uncurl those tootsies,  and if you have a minute, try these three standbys. They get us through our own Rush, and they just might be useful for your store.


1. Toot Your Horn

For us, Rush also means long, happy, wildly unorthodox hours. At Sidewalk, we have use of a couple of stellar collaboration tools that let us think creatively across time zones and weekends, and we take a bit of pride in that. During Rush, we work as hard as we can for as long as we need to to get the job done. And we revel in our successes together.

There’s a cultural opportunity for your store here, if you want it. How you talk about and treat Rush will make it a semi-annual dreaded disaster or a badge of honor at your store. If your staff is even remotely like our staff, they’re always open to reasons to be proud of their work and their talent. You get to give them those reasons.

For extra credit, we suggest a massive barbecue for your whole team after Rush.


2. Talk It Out

We’ve got to be one of the chattiest companies, per capita, that you’ve ever met. There are only 81 of us, and we still managed to send each other 1.08 million messages in the last 15 months. A large portion of those messages are about how we can’t believe that someone just had a birthday again, and should we have cake, but still. We’re not shy.

When we’re busiest, it’s great to work through trouble (and successes!) together. If you want to join the conversation, I can highly recommend our Store Support and Customer Success teams. Support@gosidewalk.com will get to either team of experts—we can’t get enough conversation from you about what’s working, what’s confusing, what made you laugh, and what you’re worried about in the future.

And as a bonus, if it’s after Rush and you’re looking for the best way to source textbooks, how to make your rental program sustainable, or why on earth you’d stand your pricing up against Amazon’s on your own website—let’s get together.


3. Do What Drives You

This one’s on you—and it’s worth thinking about. If you’re about to lead your team through the busiest time of your year, it’s useful to know what makes you tick. At Sidewalk, we don’t have a vacation policy: it got in the way of talented people making the best decisions for themselves and the company. But we definitely have a vacation philosophy. Talented people need to take time to do what refreshes them, so that they can return to work happy, energized, and wildly innovative.

Figure out what drives you to give your best. This Rush, you might have to intentionally schedule that time with yourself—the uninterrupted cup of coffee because you showed up to work 30 minutes early, the phone call with your parents several states away, or the Netflix binge that snaps your world back into place. You’ve got a thing. Do that thing.

And by the way, each member of your team has a thing, too—something that refreshes them and can turn your Rush from good to great. It might be a good idea to figure out what that is.

Crush It

We’ve never figured out how to make Rush easy over here at Sidewalk, but that doesn’t bug us too much. Rush draws our teams together, forces us to be mentally agile, and really brings out our best. And despite the long hours and the large crowds—it can be that for you, too!

How do you thrive during Rush? Send your tips and tricks to us at support@gosidewalk.com. We’re always looking for them!